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Simple Pleasures and Italian Charm

There are few more delightful ways to spend an afternoon, than a pairing of Italian wines, with a simple salad of garden-fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and homegrown basil. I, unfortunately, did not grow them.

Add to the mix the rolling green pastures of suburban Connecticut and a charming Italian gentleman, and you have one fine day to remember. Brava!

The white was Falanghina from Campania and the red, Valpolicella from the Veneto. My responsibility was the wine, he the food. There's a little flutter you get in your heart watching a man meticulously prepare food, eyes never leaving the plate while simultaneously engaging in conversation.

Caprese is the utmost salad of Italians and I felt completely privileged to have one made especially for me.

What do we know about Italians?

They are romantic, foodie, story-tellers, and fantastic. That they hold the ribbon in great wine of the world. The men are the same, I hate to say it - Italian men are passionate, full of flavor, and ready to savor great things. I love them so much but when I'm with them, I always feel I'm with a better and wine-centric friend.

Thank you so much and see you next time, my Italian man,

Farrah xoxo

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