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I always appreciate gentlemen who take the time out to read my site, learn more about me, and genuinely express a desire to meet me and get to know me better.  I will reward your respect and kindness with a prompt response, in an effort to start our journey. I'd like our date to be comfortable, effortless, sensual and fun. I do ask that all correspondence remain respectful, thoughtful and via email only. I do not give my personal cell number out.

Please do not ask me for extra photos. I don't send extra pictures or FaceTime, as there is no need. I am not overly kinky, just passionate. I may not be your girl for fetishes and bizarre eccentricities, so please look elsewhere.

I prefer to take my time with you. I can rarely do same-day, short appointments, so please think ahead of time when planning our date. I can always host in upscale venues in four cities so please take that into account when considering my donations. 

I prioritize meetings with those who are considerate of my request for screening information, in order to keep us both safe and discreet.  All information is immediately discarded, post our successful meeting, and nothing is ever shared externally.

I prefer to see men and women 35 years of age and older only, and may ask for some form of ID or Linkedin profile to prove this. I highly value references if you have those. I prefer not to date those in their 20s, please, as it just does not light my fire.

Please fill out the Form below to initiate a correspondence, and also please be prepared to answer any follow-up questions I may have, as part of the screening process. 


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