I have some great ideas of what we can do together in New York City if you are visiting. I've lived here for 14 years and there are some excellent, romantic and unbelievably good restaurants here, right now, that I know you will love. Currently outdoors (al fresco) and Covid-19 ready and willing. I am a restaurant lover and supporter and am so happy to see our veterans of culinary pleasure, back in their swing. This is an ongoing list I am contributing to, and an honest one. 

Let's fall in love. 



This restaurant is one famous 5-star gem. This icon has been open since 1982 serving us in complete Italian neighborhood luxury, indoors, and outdoors. The wine list will probably floor you because it's the real deal. Today, they even have tables outside on the actual street, looking quite festival-like, with not one table bare. Remember to always order international wines, i.e. Italian - so that NYC will continue to have the wonderful selection of imports that we are known for. 

Bua Thai Cusine

This is one of those amazing surviving restaurants that always manages to do it right. Great food, great service staff, and great outdoor area. They have a good cocktail list, atmospheric dance music on the go, and decent wines, but their service makes up for that. Super fun and super good at their survival during these times, this place is worth checking out and always busy. 


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