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The Beauty In Reasoning...

Updated: May 29

I realized it's been a while since I last posted up close and personal on my blog - and considering so much has happened lately, the time is now. Considering I've been having such a good time!

I sit in my apartment during my time off (often with a great Italian white, like a Falanghina from Campania or Garganega from the Veneto ) and think about my friends, my lady friends, my gentleman friends and my life; and I have a lot of gratitude for the flexibility, the community, and most of all, the regularity that all of these people bring to my life.

I love connecting on Social Media to a degree - ladies in my job are so candid, funny, professional and wonderful; there is absolutely no rule when it comes to my business and I love watching how enchanting and witty so many ladies are.

We all have a target, in some way, to the ideal client that we are wanting to see and that will resonate - and the gentlemen I personally want to see, seem to always come. And I feel like I'm doing something right, by inadvertantly speaking to them.

Personal interests and companionship meld very well together, I think - as a team, they offer time, inspiration, mentorship and just general intelligent communication between different people. That sparks fire! I feel lucky to meet some of the most marvelous men that I have.

I get inspired by them and I want to write more, read and run more; swim more, empathize and love more. And without a doubt, if it's possible, I want to make love more.

This is the positive side of learning.

As its disputant, this year, 'newbies' will be secondary or none. They have irritated me so much with their stupidity and absence of rational thought or common sense, that I have no interest - someone else can take that upon themselves. I like the quintessential experienced individual who understands what I am about. I'm no longer interested in 'new' people so much - they are concerning to me, worrying about ridiculous things, and then forgetting about important things.

I'm happy to stick with the gentlemen, the individuals that use common sense and for the most part, the individuals that like spending quality time eating and drinking somewhere wonderful, and then retiring to some much-awaited bliss. Those who date, enjoy romance and eroticism; essentially a leisurely time out. That's my speed.

"I think we need more idiot control." JFK John Kennedy

"Man as an individual is a genius. But men in the mass form the headless monster, a great brutish idiot that goes where prodded." Charlie Chaplin

"To generalize, is to be an idiot." William Blake

Best wishes and speak to you soon,

Farrah xoxo

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