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All that I'm thinking right now in New York

Is that things are incredibly HOT,

I'm sorry to say

That residents prey

That die in the weather, we not.

I just got back from Europe no joke

And the heat was rigid there too

So since I got back

To sweat in the sack

I swear, I need something new.

I've bought another air conditioning unit.

That looks like R2D2

So I hope for the best

That I can get some rest

It was only the FIRST thing to do.

My God, how I'm sick of hot, sweaty people

When Fall is my season of choice,

The humidity is gone

And all games are on

At a time to wear clothes and rejoice.

We will undoubtedly get through, as we always do

And I'm planning some pics and some dates

But clear off, this heat

My darling, I'm beat...

But, I won't be raising my rates. :)

Come on, September, I know you remember

The times that we've had before

Bring on the Fall

And antics for all

Because our city is the open door.

I'm sorry to be lame. It's just not the same

In a heatwave, dystopia looming,

September is key

I believe this in me

And wonderful times are booming.

I can't wait to see you again, when are you due?

It's been a shitshow from London to Nice,

But whatever the case

And whatever your base

I'll bring some comfort and peace.

Kisses and love to all,

Farrah xoxo

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