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"Come What May..."

I miss May.

I never mean to look backwards but his year, I had the most wonderful month of May. I met and adventured with a league of extraordinary gentlemen, each with their own set of superpowers.

I mean, May really topped the charts of fun for me - I saw great bands live, ate in Michelin star restaurants non-stop and met a lot of very interesting people along the way. There was wagyu steak and caviar in there, paired with the best Sonoma Chardonnays and Italian Rose's.

I even met a couple of amazing providers along the way, albeit, they don't live in New York. What a shame for me.

I found quite the Latin influence, happening in May 2022, and everything they say is right: cultured, romantic, slick and fun. And as well-traveled as I think that I am, it made me think that I haven't been to enough Latin American countries yet. Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Colombia, Brazil...I have not thought to formulate a trip to any of these countries yet and I know now, I certainly need to. Not least of which, is because the Malbec and Torrontes are famous to Argentina and the Carmenere grape variety, to Chile, but because they are just more fabulous places to go a' la Anthony Bourdain.

As for June, it's been interesting but certainly not the quintessential month that May was.

May is the opening of a season, a new light, hopes and goals come out in a fury and the vibe is electric.

For me, I have a birthday coming up in July and a trip to Europe to expand more wine knowledge in the areas of Tuscany and Penedes. Tuscany is of the almighty Super Tuscan and the Sangiovese grape of Italy, and Penedes, is the Cava, the sparkling of Spain. Their 'Champagne', if you like.

Again, I'm not complaining because there is nothing to complain about, is there?

I guess it's just after a burst of supersonic activity, there will be a time of preparation for my next big journey.

Come What May...

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