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Are We Back? A Meal Between Friends...

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Today, I had a meal between two people.

This has been one interesting, erratic and unsteady year. We were essentially told to just shut shop, per say, and stay at home. Airlines have relieved some 6000 people and Brazil is in turmoil, becoming the leader for a virus nobody ever wanted or saw coming.

I know I'm not alone when I say that I think people have longed for some personal connection again, outside of their isolation. To be away from what has become the new 'norm', hoping to get back something they had from before.

I always thought any self-imposed isolation was fine, some time out for reflection and general well-being. But when it is suddenly forced on us, for an indefinite period, we may begin to see people and things in an entirely new light. I found the new outside in New York City wasn't something I had held it's reputation to, anymore. It became a different environment and felt sinister and oppressive.

There are thousands of beautiful women in the city (and any city) that would go out every day and appreciate the looks they are given in the street. Now people can look a little sketchy, weird eyeballs in masks, in dystopian neighborhoods.

How do we bring the romance back, in all of that?

How do we make suitors feel comfortable anymore, when dating has become so restricted?

Firstly, I think that human interaction will never completely die, it never has, and people have survived and overcome Typhoid Mary, Ebola, SARS, Swine flu, even AIDS in the 1980's. All with new and revised measures for health and safety.

Perhaps we have been shown a reset button, of sorts - to look at our health much more seriously, as individuals. To make changes to our daily routine, discover herbal remedies and supplements, have a healthier diet and remodel our own lives as we we go forward.

Maybe it makes us more careful about who we meet, men and women alike, and when we do, we appreciate it so much more. Because we absolutely love it when it works out and we meet someone new.

In these times, I find that people need more relaxation and empathy - people are nervous, uptight, overworked, and anxious - and now with Covid-19, there is an additional layer to work through, in building trust and creating calm.

I had a meal with a friend today. And it rocked.

Farrah xo

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