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Driving At Night, Jazz and Disco….

Back in New York City, the wonderful city that it is, it struck me to write a post about music when I’m traveling and the quirky drivers…

I was headed a little way out if the city and the driver I had was playing the most amazing jazz…I was in heaven looking out at the lights of my city.

Having fallen in love with jazz in the last few years, I said…

“Who is this and who do you like?” Big question that took a long answer and a lot of back and forth from an educated man.

I said, “Stacy Kent.” My favorite girl right now.

He said, “Diana Krall.”

I said, “Michael Buble'”. He thought for a second, because Michael is overwhelmingly good, and said,

“Tony Bennett.”

Alright, he got me right there – Tony has not only paired with Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse, but he’s coming out with a duet with Diana Krall….which could be one of the most sublime compilations we seek out this year for those romantic moments.

FAST FORWARD…coming back into the city at the end of my evening…the lights still smiling at me, new driver, new experience….he looked conservative but absolutely not, clearly…I’m hearing, is that… Disco?

Ok, I know this one from movies and TV it’s.. Alicia Bridges!!! “I Love The Nightlife!”

And it just kept on getting bigger and louder with his 70’s and 80’s mix. Wow, I was really disco-teching coming back in to my New York lights. And from such a quiet driver? Awesome.

Let it be known, that it is not the ‘journey’ or the ‘destination’ – it is the journey, the destination and the journey back, that counts.

Speak soon,

Farrah xx

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