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An Ocean Breeze, Puts A Mind At Ease…

November 19, 2019

Just as the temperature drops a rapid 20 degrees in New York City, there is no better seasonal escape than a quick trip to West Palm Beach, Florida.

The first thing I noticed, like a slap in the face…was the incredible decrease in overall pace. People’s demeanor seemed quieter, speech was slower, even the Uber driver casually drove past me at 15 mph, in a group of barely twenty people standing at the airport curb with luggage… where the fuck is he going? For a born again New Yorker, quite used to the mayhem of New Delhi and the London Heathrow crush, I wasn’t sure whether to be feel relieved…or frustrated.

The second thing I noticed was the grey, drizzly weather and swaying Palm trees as I looked out a 13th story, floor to ceiling window – how was I going to enjoy this trip in near hurricane-looking weather? I opened my suitcase, carefully placed an assortment of lingerie across stark white bed sheets and crossed my arms. I really wanted blue skies and bright sun for some beach photography tomorrow.

And as if in response to my thoughts, the following morning was a beautiful one – warm, clear, still and serene, just as I’d anticipated for a whole month prior. After a morning walk, a long hot coffee and visit to a spacious and lofty salon, I was so excited to get started, get strategic and get sexy for a great Florida photo shoot.

It was an awesome day of catching up and signature West Palm beaches. Fresh air, little noise and non-rushed hours of talking about light and colors, angles and shadows. There’s nothing quite like creating a series of brand new images that capture your individuality and exactly who you are today.

The following morning, it seemed like just a short time before all too familiar Newark airport became visible through the clouds. Before too long, I was walking out of Penn Station where at the curb, I turn to face a yellow cab’s screeching breaks and the trunk pop open, unassisted, in front of me. I easily step back into the chaos of the city, but knowing I have a little piece of isolated, peaceful beach on film for Fall 2019.



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