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A Short Word of Thanks...

I think it's important

At this time of year,

To acknowledge the sentiment

We each can hold dear.

And although the lead up

Has been such a test,

I think these holidays

Are proving the best.

I thank my good friend

For my beautiful pics,

I thank email and whispers

And references and Wix

I thank all providers

And my gents from afar

For the dinners and concerts

You know who you are

I thank Turkey and cranberry

And a pairing Gamay

I thank the month of November

For just Beaujolais!

I thank the Fall season

For change in the air

And the thriving of restaurants

And Michelin fare

I'm grateful for closeness

And the love that I see

That people are thankful

For being with me

I'm thankful for doing

The things that I love

And those things are not made

A spectacle of

I'm thankful for heat

And passion and lust

When true compatibility

Makes meeting a must

I'm grateful my friends

Lead me to aspire

To mountains and other

Terrain that is higher

I'm thankful for fishnets

And frolick and sun

And a navy blue corset -

Have you seen me in one?

I can't tell you how much

I'm enjoying '21

As long as we're jabbed

And the virus is done :(

You're everything I look for

You're handsome and fun

Now this may sound

All over the place

For non-poem readers

That could be the case -

I thank Heavens for all of it

I feel humbled and blessed

And now, I thank Heavens

For a good night of rest. X

Happy Holidays Everyone! :) xoxo

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