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"It's the friends you can call up at 4am that matter." Marlene Dietrich

Welcome to my world of fantastic ladies, friends who I know and often engage with.
I personally adore these ladies, so I am sure you will love us together. This page will be regularly updated. 
I'm getting goosebumps already! 


Miss Emilia Rae is from California, artistic, and known for her femininity and small size. 

She's a gorgeous blonde and delight, and a romantic to be with. A classic beauty, with a saucy introduction.


Meet Australian Rachel. She comes complete with an unmistakable accent. But her individuality does not stop there. The self-proclaimed 'Aussie Semitic Vixen' with a Masters of Arts degree, is thoughtful, bewitching, and creative. A decadent bunny.

And Australian-Jewish, of course. 

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BUNNY 3.jpeg
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