The Relaxed World of Wednesday…

Written By - Farrah Foster

After a particularly wet and rainy day in the Big Apple yesterday, it was wonderful to have the sun out again and people obviously enjoying the sun, their dogs, their friends and partners and last but not least, alfresco dining.

I enjoyed two classes of yoga and am steadily progressing in flexibility towards a more advanced level. Along with that comes increased stamina, an ability to reach a deeper meditative state and like it or not – an increased level of sweating, which I’ve always experienced with any form of physical activity. 😉

There is an innate form of bliss and satisfaction that I get from stretching the muscles in my arms, legs, torso and back that not only gives me an elated physical feeling and adrenalin rush; but also a delight to feel my own body and the muscles with my hands, as if with every class they are slowly getting stronger and more developed inside.

Following that, I enjoyed probably one of the greatest Bordeaux wines I’ve ever tasted tonight…according to me, of course! Wine is such a personal preference to all who indulge in it with interest, that we can all suggest all kinds of wines to each other. My personal favorite, that I keep a few bottles of at home for that moment I can’t resist, is a Chateau Grand Cru Classes de Graves and the winery is located right in the city of Bordeaux. The 2000 and 2001 vintages are sublime, both are just out of this world. Yum, yum, yum……

I have a fun trip coming up next week, a drastic change from New York City but a welcome few days of lights, color, sound, sun and hedonism. Any guesses? This one is an easy guess, so you don’t get three. Speak soon. Farrah X