A Few Days In the Capitol

Written By - Farrah Foster

Although only my second visit, I really enjoy visiting DC. It has great restaurants, an obvious neatly dressed political correctness and cascading monuments that are by any tourist’s standards, beautiful to capture on camera.

It’s also a place where I experienced some extreme sensuality and even explored some of my submissive side with a new friend.

Being an independent traveler, open to all ideas, this is an area I very rarely visit but I must say it is an exciting feeling to be told what to do, to be told stories of fantasies and live some of them out.

Couple that with several nights of great dinners and wine pairings and I find myself returning home for some detoxing and much needed R&R. But who’s complaining?

I’m only looking forward to my next trip to the Capitol and what more memorable experiences that it will bring to me…and that I can leave with someone else.